T. Katsumi





QUESTION: Can I stay on Japan?

記者A: 日本について、続けていいですか? 

QUESTION: Follow-up on Japan?

記者A: 日本について、関連よろしいですか?

MR KIRBY: Japan?

カービー報道官: 日本ですか?

QUESTION: Yeah. Japan’s national security laws that will allow Japan to exercise self-defense collectiveness will take effect tomorrow. Do you have any response?

記者A: はい。集団的自衛権の行使を可能にする日本の安保法制が明日施行されます。何かコメントはありますか?

MR KIRBY: No, I don’t. I’d let the Japanese Government speak to that. That’s really for them to speak to, not for us.


QUESTION: I -- you don’t have any --

記者A: え、本当に何も・・・

QUESTION: Ukraine?

記者B: ウクライナ、いいですか?

MR KIRBY: Yeah, go ahead.

カービー報道官: はい、どうぞ。

QUESTION: You don’t have anything?

記者A: 本当に何も(コメント)ないのですか?


QUESTION: As my colleague previously mentioned, Japanese new security laws took effect a few hours ago. Do you have any comment on how this might affect the U.S.?


MR KIRBY: No, I just don’t have an update for you on that. I mean, you’re going to have to let us -- you said yourself it just happened a few hours ago, so I just don’t have anything for you on that. We’ll have to see about getting back to you.

カービー報道官: いいえ、そのことに関しては本当に何もお伝えすることはありません。まず我々の側で―いま貴方自身、数時間前に起きたことだと仰られましたよね。ですから、その件については我々のほうから申し上げることは何もありません。持ち帰って検討させていただきます。

QUESTION: Well, but the laws were passed a while ago. It’s just the enactment that’s new.

記者C: でも法律自体はだいぶ前に成立しています。ただ施行されたということが新しいだけで。

MR KIRBY: I just -- I don’t have anything for you right now.

カービー報道官: とにかく、この件については現時点では何も申し上げることはありません。


QUESTION: In particular, there were comments over the weekend about South Korea and Japan pulling out troops there and allowing South Korea and Japan to have nuclear weapons. Can you address those and what the Secretary might --

記者D: (共和党大統領候補ドナルド・トランプ氏のコメントについて)とくに週末に、韓国や日本から米軍を引き揚げて、日韓に核兵器を持たせてはどうかというコメントがありました。これらについてお話いただき、(国務)長官がどう受け止めて・・・

MR KIRBY: As I said before, I am not going to get into an engagement on every comment made by every candidate. Nothing’s changed about our -- the seriousness with which we take our treaty commitments to Japan and to South Korea. Nothing’s changed about our view of what the future of the Korean Peninsula needs to look like in terms of denuclearization. And again, nothing’s changed about the support we’re going to continue to give to the Government of Japan as they work through their own review of their defense posture and, again, how we can help them in that regard. Nothing’s changed about our views of those two very, very important bilateral relationships.