[ENG]RJ alleycat interview in LJL. (Jan.27-Round1 Player of the Match)


2017 Jan. 27th , League of Legends Japan League(LJL) 2017 Spring Split Round1 Match2 [SCARZ vs Rascal Jester]Player of the Match - RJ alleycat interview


katsudion:Today's match was first match of LJL2017.And You had moved team.You are a only professional experienced person in Rascal Jester.How was this game?

alleycat:Today's matchup is against the team I previously belonged to.I was very nervous.

katsudion:When I saw camera ,  Facial expressions of all members were stiff. It looked like nervous.Have you talked to your teammates?

alleycat:When I taked to them , they said "I don't nervous, I don't nervous...". I thought they were nervous , So I talked as usual.I was conscious that their tension could be relaxed.

katsudion:I see.That means that you relaxed friendly tensions as a professional senior.

I would like to ask about today's game.In the first game, you didn't ban and pick Renger.In the second game, also you didn't do it for Camille.They are calld "OP" in the world.Do it was mean?

alleycat:In the first game,We have no information enemy's Jungler can use Renger, Cause we didn't pick and ban.